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Critical Information Summary

Information about the service

Service description

The VoIP Phones for Business Cloud Business Phone Unlimited plan is a business digital telephone plan with purchased handsets. An active internet connection is required for utilizing this service, which can be arranged through VoIP Phones for Business if needed.


Approved handsets can be purchased directly from VoIP Phones for Business. While bringing your own hardware is an option, it is not supported by the service.

Key details

The Cloud Business Phone plan from VoIP Phones for Business enables both incoming and outgoing phone calls. This plan encompasses unlimited local and national calls within Australia. Additional charges apply for other types of calls, optional value-added services, and any supplementary equipment, aside from the Monthly Access Fee.

This service may not be appropriate for situations requiring an uninterrupted phone service with access to 000 emergency services. The service will not operate during a power outage, and priority assistance is not provided.

Standard installation requirements

For the VoIP Phones for Business Cloud Business Phone Unlimited plan to function, an internet service with a minimum capacity of 100kbps/100kbps per concurrent call is necessary. As part of the VoIP Phones for Business Cloud Business Phone Unlimited plan, it is essential to set up any purchased hardware. This includes configuring associated cabling, your network settings, and any required routers and/or switches to facilitate the operation of Cloud Business Phone handsets.

Installation options can be arranged for an additional fee. For more details, please contact our customer service team at 1300 117 645.

Information about pricing

Cloud Business Phone Plan Monthly Cost Yealink Handset Inclusion
Unlimited 12 mth $35.00 None
Unlimited 36 mth $30.00 Yealink T53W or W76P
Cordless Unlimited 36 mth $40.00 Yealink T54W
Unlimited 36 mth $45.00 Yealink T57W
All rates are ex GST. Handset on 36-month term only. Fair Use Policy
applies. Minimum 5 services for Unlimited Plans.

Early Termination Fees

Should the service be terminated, disconnected, or ported to another carrier within the contract period, Early Termination Fees (ETFs) will be imposed as follows:


      • For Mobile & Mobile Broadband: $50 per service within the first 12 months + any outstanding hardware charges.

      • For services including Teams Calling, Hosted PBX, SIP, Voice and Video Conferencing, 13/1300/1800/0800, Business NBN, NBN TC2, Enterprise Ethernet, Business Fibre, Business Internet, SD-WAN, Managed Services, Bundled Services, Cloud Licensing: ETF calculated as monthly access fee/s x remaining months in agreement.

      • For Plans with included PBX Hardware: ETF calculated as monthly access fee x remaining months in agreement. All hardware must be returned to VoIP Phones for Business at the client’s expense within 10 business days of agreement cessation. Failure to return the PBX handset will result in a $99 non-return fee added to the ETF.

    • In case of agreement cancellation before term completion, a $99 hardware non-return fee, along with the ETF, is payable if hardware is not returned in a usable condition at the client’s expense.

    Call Rates Standard Call

    Standard Call Type Call Rate
    Local calls Unlimited *
    National calls Unlimited *
    Calls to mobile Unlimited *
    Calls to 13/1300 36c per call
    This service has a Fair Use Policy and is not for Call Centres, Telemarketing, or other high use purposes. All rates are ex GST unless otherwise specified.

    International calls

    Calls to international destinations through VoIP Phones for Business are billed in 60-second increments.


    Contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman at 1800 062 058 or visit for complaints.